Beth Thornton On Music, Lyrics & Bon Jovi

Beth Thornton


Growing up in a tiny village in Oxfordshire, Beth Thornton always had a passion for music. Her musical tastes centered around pop and country. And her music has been described as a combination of these two early influences, with a slight hint of rock.

Her village was so tiny they didn’t even have a village shop. Just a local pub, where she played many gigs.
Beth went to school in a town around 20 minutes outside her village where she spent most of her time skipping lessons and hiding in the music department practice rooms.

She is currently making a name for herself in the music industry having played at The C2C Country to Country Festival and opening for Bon Jovi on their This House Is Not For Sale tour in Toronto, Canada.



Beth took some time out of recording her EP to answer some questions about herself and her music for fans to get to know her a little better.

1. How did you start out as a musician and what was your first gig?

I was 15 when I started teaching myself guitar. I wanted to learn all these songs that
I’d fallen in love with! My first ever gig was when I was 13 in my local village hall with
my brother playing guitar.

2. Who were your musical inspirations growing up and what instruments do you

My main musical inspirations were Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift and Dixie Chicks. I fell in
love with their lyrics and got hooked on the stories they told. My main instrument is
guitar, but I also can play a little piano and violin!

3. What inspires your lyrics?

Life, people, love… Everything. As long as I can relate to it I can write about it. To me
it’s important to write about what I know. People will see right through me if I tried to
write just for the sake of writing.

4. Can you describe your writing process lyrically and musically?

My lyrics and melody come hand in hand. I very rarely write a song without my guitar
in my arms. Recently I’ve started writing with my guitarist, David Ashworth. We
decide on a title and then brainstorm feelings, emotions, actions etc that relate to it.
The melody may change slightly but as the words go down onto the paper the
melody flows with it.

5. You released your debut single “Your Everything” in January. What was it like hearing your song on the radio?

Surreal! Creating something and sharing it with people is what I’m all about so it was
awesome to have it out there.

6. Tell us a little about the song. What or who inspired those lyrics?

I was so young when I wrote this song! I liked a guy, he didn’t know, I wrote a song…
Apparently that’s “weird”, haha!

7. In March you played at the C2C Country to Country Festival at the O2 Arena in London. What was that like?

It was the first festival I’ve ever played with my band doing original songs. It was great! It blew my mind to be on the same bill as artists such as Brad Paisley, Reba McEntire and Maren Morris.

Beth Thornton & Her Band

Beth Thornton & Her Band After Opening For Bon Jovi [Photo By: David Bergman]

8. Lets talk Bon Jovi. When did you decide to enter their contest?

I was actually entered by a family member who lives in the states. She asked if it was okay to submit on my behalf and I was so sure they wouldn’t choose me so I said “why
not, but it’s probably a waste of your time”.

9. When and how did you find out you won?

I got a phone call and email from the wonderful people at Live Nation!

10. What was your preparation process like?

I couldn’t believe it. Things like that don’t actually happen, do they?! We practiced 3 times a week in a disused office building. It was freezing! But I wouldn’t change it. We definitely made some great memories in there.
We played 5 songs and our set lasted 20 minutes. The songs were: It Don’t Matter,
The Get Go, Lovers, Notice Me and Feel Like Wow.

11. Describe show day?

When we turned up, security asked who I was and I said, “me and my band are opening for Bon Jovi tonight”. And we all burst out laughing. Was this really happening?!
The enormity of the whole experience hit me during my final song. When I sang the last
line “I can reach all the dreams that I wanna reach”, I looked out at the thousands of
people and in that moment I felt an overwhelming realization that I’d fulfilled my childhood dream of opening for my hero. A moment I will treasure forever.

12.What was it like meeting Jon Bon Jovi?

Well as if opening for my favorite band wasn’t enough, getting to meet the guy who
inspired me to start writing/singing in the first place really was the cherry on top of an
absolute dream come true. He was really lovely and down to earth.

Beth and her band are currently working on her upcoming EP. But her debut single, Your Everything is already available for purchase.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Beth’s future projects by following her on Twitter.
For more information about Beth Thornton visit their website:

Beth Thornton - Your Everything


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