Happy Birthday Jon Bon Jovi


Jon Bon Jovi performing during the Hope Concert at the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, NJ on December 23, 2015 [Photo By: Alex Remnick | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com]

On your birthday and all the days that follow I wish you nothing but happiness, love and success in everything that you do.
Jon, you are (and always will be) the heart, the soul and the unwavering voice of Bon Jovi.

But you’re also so much more to so many people.
In a world that is often so terribly flawed, you have shown grace, humility, sincerity, dignity and integrity in every aspect of your life. Its truly admirable. I’ve been your fan since I was nine years old way back in 1992, and all these years later I still love you as much as I did back then.

Thank you for the music, for sharing your talent with us and for sharing a part of yourself with us.
Your fans truly appreciate the sacrifices you make to do so.
I love you so much Jon…
All your fans do.
Have an amazing, special birthday!


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