Bon Jovi Go Back To The Beginning For 2016 Album


Jon Bon Jovi, David Bryan & Tico Torres in Taipei, Taiwan on September 29, 2015. [Photo Credit: Official Bon Jovi Facebook Page]

Bon Jovi have reportedly scheduled a 2016 release date for their 14th studio album titled, “This House Is Not For Sale”.

The album is produced by Jon Bon Jovi and John Shanks, and was recorded at Avatar Studios (formerly known as The Power Station) in Manhattan, New York City.

Jon Bon Jovi discussed the new record during a press conference in Kuala Lumpur in September 2015, telling reporters that the band’s most recent recordings found them, really going back to the beginning – right down to where and how the songs were tracked.

Jon explained that the band had grown accustomed to recording their parts separately, with the producer piecing it all together like a musical puzzle. That changed with the upcoming album.

“We were recording at different times and different rooms in the studio. That’s not happening anymore. We went back to the place where we cut ‘Runaway’ in 1982,  where I used to sweep the floor and fetch coffee – and we did ‘This House Is not For Sale’.”

Clearly excited about the new album, Jon feels that it’s a reflection of Bon Jovi’s musical evolution.

“When I wrote ‘Runaway’ my viewpoint wasn’t that big, but with every record and passing decade of our career, we evolve. We keep our eyes open, let information in and write about the world around us. We really couldn’t write ‘You Give Love a Bad Name’ now, because there are a lot more important things to say. It was great when I was 25 but not at 53. The beauty of songwriting is taking some experience in your life and translating it into a feeling. We aren’t jaded. Musical styles come and go. I can’t pretend to do something just because it’s popular. We’re comfortable and confident in who we are – we’ve been around long enough.”

Describing what fans can expect from the new album Jon says, “Some songs have a little more of the ‘chip on my shoulder’ sound, which is OK for us to have right now. This record (This House IS Not For Sale) is about our integrity. Integrity matters and we’re at a stage of our career where we don’t have anything left to prove.”

Although he enjoys the interaction with audiences while on tour, Jon admits that (for him) writing music is the best part of the business.

“There are different phases of music – the writing, the recording because you want to see the song you wrote on the notebook come to life, and playing live. I’d rather write than spend 12 hours in a hotel room (on tour) with nothing do, but I like the interaction and energy on stage.”

“This House Is Not for Sale” marks the first Bon Jovi album completely lacking the creative input of former guitarist Richie Sambora, who quit the band in 2013. The band’s 2015 album, “Burning Bridges,” was mostly made up of material from previous studio sessions. It was released in order to fulfill their contractual obligations to long term record label Mercury Records, and featured one song co-written by Sambora.

Bon Jovi’s touring lead guitarist, Phil X will be featured in some capacity on the new album. Although there has been no official word on his involvement at this time, Phil has spoken about playing on “This House Is Not For Sale” in an interview with Los Angeles radio station, 95.5 KLOS on August 14, 2015. Listen to the interview here: Denise Westwood Interviews Bon Jovi Guitarist, Phil X.


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