Ten Signs That You’re Addicted To Jon Bon Jovi

As a great philosopher once said, “If there’s something better baby, well I haven’t found it yet”. These words are extremely relevant to this list.

And if you’re addicted to Jon Bon Jovi, I hate to break it you but there ain’t no doctor that can cure this disease.

1. December 19, 2011 was one of the worst days of your life. Luckily David Bergman was nearby and took this photo to reassure us that Jon was alive and well.


2. You sat through every movie Jon has ever appeared in. Even the not so great one that only credited him as “The Painter”.


3. You’re pretty certain that Jon Bon Jovi is the reason low rise, skinny jeans were invented.


4. Ally McBeal was your favorite television show for ten random episodes during season five.


5. “Superman” means Jon Bon Jovi.


6. Lately gray hair has become rather appealing.


7. You feel your IQ level drop to single digits when Jon happens to do a wardrobe change on stage.


8. You think maracas are sexy because… well… yeah…


9. When someone mentions his name you can’t help but smile.


10. You have one special Bon Jovi song that you pretend was written for you. Don’t roll your eyes at me, you know you have one. This one is mine.

Bon Jov performing These Arms Are Open All Night (Atlantic City 2004)

Copyright Notes: All the photos used in this post belong to the respective professional photographers (David Bergman and others), fan photographers, magazines, and movie/television studios. However the adapted graphic design by @despinaktf belongs to The Music Diaries. All original content is protected by international copyright laws, and all intellectual property rights apply.


12 thoughts on “Ten Signs That You’re Addicted To Jon Bon Jovi

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  2. Been in “LUST” with this man since the big hair,tight pants, “RUNAWAY” days and will FOREVER stay that way!!! NO BAND anywhere on this planet (in my eyes) can top BON JOVI!!!!


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