Ten Times Jon Bon Jovi Made Us Swoon


Jon Bon Jovi voted Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine. – November 20, 2010 [Photo By: Nigel Parry]

I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say, it means loving incredible, record breaking music, that’s timeless and perfect.

Bon Jovi’s extensive catalog covers a few different genres of music such as rock, soft rock, ballads and even a little country inspired stuff.

The live shows are incredible and the band members themselves seem like genuinely good guys who appreciate their fans.

But sometimes, as much we try to be mature about it and convincingly tell people (and ourselves) that being a Bon Jovi fan is all about the music, there are a few occasions when the music comes a distant second to the man performing those songs.

It doesn’t matter how good the music is, whether the song is a Bon Jovi classic, or one of Jon’s jukebox covers, it just sorta happens. Don’t believe me? Try to focus solely on the music during the ten videos that follow.

 Ten Jon Bon Jovi “Swoon Moments”

  • Jon Bon Jovi: Travellin’ Band/Proud Mary at Wembley Stadium, London. Sound and Vision Festival in 1997.

  • Bon Jovi: Gimme Some Lovin’ in Atlanta, Georgia. Lost Highway Tour in 2008.

  • Bon Jovi: Twist and Shout in Austin, Texas. Because We Can Tour in 2013.

  • Bon Jovi: Treat Her Right at Madison Square Garden, New York City. Have A Nice Day Tour in 2005.

  • Bon Jovi: We Got It Goin’ On in Boston, Massachusetts. Lost Highway Tour in 2008.

  • Bon Jovi: Fever in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Rock in Rio Festival in 1990.

  • Bon Jovi: Keep The Faith at Shepherds Bush Empire. London, UK in 2002.

  • Bon Jovi: Lost Highway at the O2 Arena. The 9th of 12 shows Bon Jovi performed in London in 2010.

  • Bon Jovi: Bad Medicine/Pretty Woman/Shout at the Best Buy Theater in New York City on November 10, 2010.

  • Bon Jovi: Damned in Sao Paulo, Brazil. These Days Tour in 1995.

I hope you enjoyed these videos as much as I did. A big thank you to the fans who took the time to upload them so that we could all share in the hotness that is Jon Bon Jovi.

But seriously, it really is all about the music.

It really is.



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