Ten Things I Learned During Bon Jovi’s 2013 Because We Can Tour


Bon Jovi: Final bows during the 2013 Because We Can Tour. [Photo By: David Bergman. Prints available at http://www.davidbergman.net]

1. You discover the real meaning of “patience” while waiting in line for 18 hours (in the freezing wind and occasional rain) prior to show time.

2. Strangers bond instantly and become fast friends. That is until its time to enter the stadium. At that point you realize The Hunger Games are real! “May the odds forever be in your favor”.

3. Nothing beats the feeling of your hands hitting the front row barricade.

4. Jon Bon Jovi is a zillion times more attractive in person than he is in photos or on TV.

5. If you scream loud enough between songs David Bryan will hear you, determine your location and give you the biggest smile ever.

6. Matt Bongiovi is approximately 7 times my size and would probably be able to throw a person out of the stadium with one hand. So storming the stage probably isn’t the best idea…

7. You gain a new appreciation for the talent that Bobby Bandiera, Hugh McDonald and Phil X possess. They are amazing at a live show.

8. It is possible to become so enamored with Jon’s singing (especially ballads) that you fall completely silent, with tear-filled eyes, forget to breathe, and only snap out of it when the song ends.

9. Drummers require mad skills, and Tico Torres has it in truck loads.

10. When Jon Bon Jovi makes eye contact with you and smiles (more than once) you will NEVER (x infinity) forget it!


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