Jon Bon Jovi on Richie Sambora’s Status In The Band


Richie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi on stage together in 2003. [Photo By: AP Photo/Matt York]

Jon Bon Jovi: 93.3 WMMR Interview with Pierre Robert — November, 2014 (Transcript)

There have been a lot of rumors going around regarding Bon Jovi. Such as a new album, a new tour and a possible Bon Jovi/Richie Sambora reunion. A lot of people seem to have missed Jon’s radio interview on the subject, so I’ve transcribed the relevant parts in an attempt to shut down some of the rumors.

Interviewer: Musically, what are you up to? Will the band continue on in terms of recording and are there plans for that?

Jon: I’m writing again. I didn’t have the wherewithal to write this whole year (2014). I was really focused on football. But its coming back. I’m actively writing. I’m just starting but I’ve got a few. And ’15 will be about recording and ’16 I’ll put something out.

Interviewer: Is it ok to ask you about Richie or would you rather not talk about it?

Jon: I just don’t think there’s anything to say, you know. He quit and no ones heard from him since. So, I mean God bless him. People think it’s a life sentence being in a rock band, its not. He quit and that was that, you know. It’s not for me to say anything other than that. He’s entitled to do what he wants. It’s not his obligation. There’s no obligation. If it doesn’t move you anymore you have the right to leave. And he just happened to do it on a show day and never called us again. But there was no reason, there was no fight. It certainly wasn’t about money. I’ll swear that on a stack of bibles and he’ll confirm it. But that is not the case and he just left. And there was no way that I was gonna break up the band. Why would Dave or Tico need to suffer? Why would I have to suffer? The record company doesn’t care and the touring company doesn’t care, and you know, its ok. It’s not a big deal.

Interviewer: Well, you still had a gigantic tour aside from that, with Phil X filling in.

Jon: Well, we had to fill in. God bless Phil X, he was able to play the next day because he’s done it once before. And I have no ill will. I really don’t. I have written great songs with him (Richie). I love the guy. I’ll always admire the guy and its ok. It really is folks. Its ok that he’s chosen to go on his own. It really is ok.

Interviewer: Is that a formal thing though?

Jon: Nope, there’s no need for a contract. He’s not obligated to… There is no… He doesn’t own any of it… Its not what it is…

Interviewer: Is the door open for him to return should he desire?

Jon: Sure, but you know… I’d be hard pressed to you know… So would David, so would Tico… It’d be a lot for us to… After a year and a half and you miss 80 shows, you know. I don’t think it’s possible.

(Interviewer attempts to press on about the ethical nature of Richie leaving after committing to a tour. Jon’s response is as follows…)

Jon: I hold no ill will. Be clear. I don’t want to take anything out of context. I love the guy. No judgement here.

Listen to the interview here:

Jon Bon Jovi’s Interview with 93.3 WMMR (November 2014)

Meanwhile in an interview with “Ultimate Classic Rock” on January 20, 2015, Richie Sambora seems to be citing “lack of musical freedom” as his latest reason for leaving Bon Jovi in the middle of the 2013 Because We Can Tour.

Richie has also dismissed the rumors of a possible reunion with Bon Jovi in the future.



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