I Will Always Be A Dedicated Jon Bon Jovi Fan


Jon Bon Jovi attends the New Start New Jersey Organization Launch at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (November 10, 2014)

I guess this isn’t very original. Jon Bon Jovi – voted sexiest man alive by countless magazines over the past few decades. With that million dollar smile and those piercing blue eyes that have the ability to melt you where you stand, who can blame me (or anyone else) for crushing on him?

Within the Bon Jovi fan-base you find various levels of infatuation. I guess on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d find myself at around 8 and a half to 9.

To understand this long standing crush you’d have to go back to the beginning. I was no stranger to Jon Bon Jovi’s music growing up. Even as a child, I can’t remember a time that I didn’t know every word to “Livin’ On A Prayer”.

This crush developed a few years after “Keep The Faith” was released. The day my young, adolescent brain really “saw” the promo video for Bed 0f Roses. (I’d watched it a thousand times before, but never really saw it until that day.)

As was the norm at my house, I was busy with homework while watching MTV. The familiar sound of his voice broke my concentration. And as I watched that video, and I mean really watched it, I was transfixed by the impossibly handsome blonde man who owned that voice. He was the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen and I was hopelessly in love.

In the weeks that followed I immersed myself in everything Bon Jovi. I had it all — the posters, the CD’s, the videos and the t-shirts. Jon and his music got me through the drama of high school. With his voice on my CD player telling me that it was my life and I could do it my way, it didn’t matter that I wasn’t popular, it didn’t matter that I missed my prom, and it didn’t matter that I got sick and spent most of my senior year in post surgery recovery. Jon got me through it. (Even though he only existed inside my CD player.)

As the years past and I grew up, that crush turned into something less shallow than being based purely on aesthetics. Yes, he’s handsome, successful and sings like a God. But there’s so much more to admire about him than that. He’s a committed family man, he has his own charitable foundation, he’s respectful, humble, kind and generous. He tries to make the world a better place and goes the extra mile just to make people smile. (Even if it means walking a random fan down the isle at her wedding or visiting a sick child’s lemonade stand.) He’s got a good, kind heart which is so rare to find anywhere these days. How can anyone not be attracted to those qualities?

I’ve never been lucky enough to meet Jon. But just like when I was a teenager, as life got more real and problems became adult themed, he’s still getting me through it.
I know a lot of people would read this, roll their eyes, and tell me to grow up. And that’s ok. Maybe I am being silly.

But realistically crushes are perfectly normal, even as a grown up. Sometimes being an adult can be terrifying and having a crush on an unattainable star can be a welcome distraction from life’s stressors.

So until the time comes where something else has the ability to get me through the though times, my fictional relationship (yeah, lets call it that) with Jon Bon Jovi will work out just fine. He will always be my first love.

P.S: If by some chance my ramblings find their way across Jon’s computer screen… I just want to to say thank you, Jon. Thank you for the music and for sharing your talent with us, for sharing a part of yourself with us. Your fans truly appreciate the personal sacrifices you (and your family) make to do so.

From the bottom of my heart thank you… xxx


One thought on “I Will Always Be A Dedicated Jon Bon Jovi Fan

  1. Dear Jon you are a man with a heart from gold. Your music help me when the people lissen to the words . When I have pain I lissen to your music, You are a great man you help people a gift from God . Thanks for everything . kisses Stanny


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