Burning Bridges: Bon Jovi’s “End Of An Era Album”


Bon Jovi: Burning Bridges Album Cover

“Its songs that weren’t finished, were finished, a couple of new ones like the one we released as a single.” (We Don’t Run) ”Jon Bon Jovi

“Burning Bridges”, the thirteenth studio album by rock band Bon Jovi, is scheduled for worldwide release on August 21, 2015. Although the album does contain a few new songs it is mostly made up of material from previous studio sessions. It is the first album without former guitarist and co-songwriter Richie Sambora, who left the band in 2013. The album has been described by Jon Bon Jovi as a “fan album to mark the end of an era”, and will accompany a 12 show international tour of countries in the Pacific Rim.

“We Don’t Run” is a brand new song from “Burning Bridges” and was released as one of the lead singles. Described as “an anthem in the Bon Jovi tradition”, the tune features a darker production sound and a screaming guitar solo by John Shanks, who also shares song writing credits with Jon Bon Jovi on this track.

“Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning” is a somewhat lighter song with a hooky chorus and catchy lyrics. Credited to Jon Bon Jovi, John Shanks and former guitarist Richie Sambora, the song is an outtake and was written prior to Sambora’s departure from the band.

“A Teardrop To The Sea” begins somewhat quietly, building slowly toward a soaring chorus that’s very much in the mode of the band’s classic-era work. Jon Bon Jovi co-wrote the track with long time collaborator Billy Falcon. Falcon has worked with Bon Jovi before, and is credited on tracks such as, “Last Man Standing”, “Superman Tonight”, and “Just Older” among others.

“Blind Love” can only be described as a poem set to music. It’s a stripped down track with Jon Bon Jovi’s voice as the main focal point. Primarily accompanied by a piano, Jon sounds like an angel. His voice, while soothing, is strong and raspy like liquid gold.

Following the release of Burning Bridges, which Jon Bon Jovi said, “is sort of a hint as to where we’re going musically”, the band will release an album of all new material early next year (2016).

Judging from the songs that have been released so far, “Burning Bridges” seems like the perfect way to mark the end of an era. The future certainly looks bright for Bon Jovi.

How do fans feel about Bon Jovi’s latest album and the future of the band in general? Here’s what some of them had to say…

Sambovi (Germany)

New Album: “I’m annoyed it’s yet another compilation (at least one where we don’t know all the songs). I’ll listen to it online before I buy it for sure because that’s what I’ve learned from What About Now.”

The band without Richie Sambora: “The world keeps turning. I am sad Richie left (and the way the affair has been treated) but life goes on.”

Fan Support: “There’s fan support from my side… still. It’s not what it has been and I’ll have to admit that I am still pissed off by the band considering what has happened (or not happened) the past two years. I have a hard time forgiving most of it and certainly won’t forget but hell, if the music’s good I’ll probably stick around.”

New Bon Jovi Era: “I am not at all amped for the new era. I’ll sure check out what they have to offer and see how I feel about that. Same goes for Richie at this point. Bruce Springsteen owns my heart now.”

Mine G (Turkey)

New Album: “I have listened and liked the first two singles, and I guess I like We Don’t Run more than Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning (which may well change numerous times in the future.) As for Blind Love, it is not a ballad I fell in love with at first listen, but Jon’s voice is so amazing that it makes the track a soothing, magical piece, And I really, really like A Teardrop to The Sea, definitely a goodie, that one! Oh, and I love the title of the record, I absolutely love it!

The band without Richie Sambora: “Jovi life has not changed for me after Sambora, apart from months and months of drama that is. In the past, IF I had to choose, Richie would be my least favorite member to be honest, but I’ve always appreciated his skills as a guitarist and co-writer. The way he left the band certainly killed every bit of positive feelings/thoughts I ever had for this guy. It’s been like an ugly betrayal from a brother, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget the unprofessional and irresponsible way he left the band mid-tour. His lack of respect toward the band, their past and us, the fans, has killed RS for me. On the other hand, the classy, professional and graceful way the band handled the crisis from day one on simply increased my love and respect for Jon, Dave and Tico. And yes, the success of the Because We Can tour despite all obstacles only confirmed one thing I already knew — Bon Jovi is THE best.”

Fan Support: “Bon Jovi has had my full support since I was 12, which makes 20 years now, and this is not gonna change one bit. Bon Jovi rocks and will always rock on!”

New Bon Jovi Era: “I see the post-Sambora era of Bon Jovi as a new chapter in the band’s legendary history, and I’m looking forward to be part of it. As for RS, I think he started his own downfall by leaving the band, and he’ll always be remembered as Bon Jovi’s ex-guitarist, nothing more. He needs the band way more than the band needs him, and if he hadn’t left in a totally unacceptable way, I would now feel sorry to witness him destroy his legacy and future.”

Deedee (U.S.A)

New Album: “I am very excited for the new album. Jon had a lot to get off his chest, and I can’t wait to hear it. New Bon Jovi music, a fresh perspective, renewed band members — all things I am awaiting eagerly.”

The band without Richie Sambora: “Not really an issue for me. He left and made it perfectly clear by actions and words that he didn’t want to be a part of the band. Bye bye. Good luck. Jon, Tico and David will carry on making brilliant music that speaks to me, with Hugh, Bobby and maybe Phil live on stage. This Bon Jovi fan isn’t looking back, but forward to amazing new music, concerts and adventures with friends.”

Fan Support: “In my opinion, fan support is strong. The band members behaved with nothing but pure class, the new music we are hearing rocks, and the boys are ready — and so are the fans.”

New Bon Jovi Era: “I couldn’t be more excited for new music and a new era. Everyone changes and grows and so does this band. Personally, I feel that Jon is an exceptional human being all around, and the music reflects a lot of that and what he is focused on now. Sambora can do his own thing, no ill will from me. But I have no interest in him because of the way he left and the way he treated his brothers and the fans of the band. If you act with dishonor the way he did, then you lose my interest. Long live Bon Jovi.”

Patricia (U.S.A)

New Album: “I am really looking forward to the new album. I hope it will be a return to their roots and be a great rock album. From the previews I’ve heard it sounds pretty good.”

The band without Richie Sambora: “I think the band will be ok. I know No One can Ever take Richie’s place. He is one of a kind and has been a great writing partner for Jon. But I think the band can still be successful and survive.”

Fan Support: “I think they may have lost some of their fans because of loyalty to Richie. Some fans are mad and some are upset because they want to take sides. Some blame Richie and some blame Jon. But I think overall their fan base is still strong and they will have a lot of support. I Love Richie and will Always support him! But I also Love Bon Jovi and will Always support them too!”

New Bon Jovi Era: “I am very amped for the new era. I will Never be done with the band! I will follow Richie as well as Bon Jovi both on their journey’s into the new era!”

Despina (Greece)

New Album: “Burning Bridges came very unexpected. It’s a real treat for us fans who thought we needed almost another year of patience until we got new music. Keep spoiling us, we love it!”

The band without Richie Sambora: “When Richie left, he left a hole. In my heart. Not on that stage. Because Jon Bon Jovi proved last tour what a beast of a front man he is by rocking stadium after stadium without his right hand man. Much respect to the entire band (official and touring members)!’

Fan Support: “Despite all the turbulence, a trust has been built between the band and the fans that can’t be shaken easily. I’m certain that the fans will support Bon Jovi for a long time to come. Lots of us more than ever.”

New Era: “On the days we heard the latest songs, this band reminded me what “excitement” means. I absolutely can’t wait to see what the future holds for Bon Jovi and their fans! I’m sure they won’t fail to take my breathe away like so many countless times.”

Kerri (U.S.A)

New Album: “The new album will begin a new era and a long wait for fans who haven’t had music since 2013.”

The band without Richie Sambora: “Life after Richie will be different but Bon Jovi will still succeed and carry on.”

Fan Support: “The fan support of the band will always be there and yes it’s still strong.”

New Era: “I’m really excited for the new era, Bon Jovi won’t back down from anything.”

Sheila (U.SA / @ProjectJovial on Twitter)

New Album: “While I have only listened to Saturday Night Gave me Sunday Morning and We Don’t Run from Burning Bridges, I believe this fan album will be a collective of sounds from various Bon Jovi eras and not likely reflective of Bon Jovi post-Sambora. We Don’t Run, to me, presents with renewed passion for the anthem-type songs Bon Jovi is so much loved for. This particular track, being the sole truly new material is indicative of Bon Jovi’s propensity to yield in the stressful, negative and trying times this present day world places us in, while remaining steadfastly positive and empowering by propelling us to believe in ourselves. If ‘We Don’t Run’ is a sample (and it is a beautiful, well-thought out one at that), then we, as fans, have a magnificent body of work to expect from Bon Jovi in 2016.

The band without Richie Sambora: “Regarding Richie Sambora, I have only two thoughts, honestly. First, if Jon Bon Jovi, can go on public record, pleading, “It’s okay folks! It really is okay! No hard feelings.”, then why does part of the fan base not accept, forgive, pardon or look to the future and move on? I believe it is certainly not my place to judge or bestow upon the extremely talented Richie Sambora the title of ‘shamed ex-band member’. I choose to enjoy the many Bon Jovi songs, albums, tours, photographs and memories that we still possess within our hearts today. I elect not to dwell on why what once was cannot be, but rather, I believe change (while sometimes can be unpleasant) is realistically inevitable and what better to assist me with navigating through reality than the acceptance thereof.

Fan Support: “Fan support, while periodically slightly divided by personal fan thoughts on particular matters, in my opinion, must be at record heights, and continuing to grow globally (seemingly without geographical boundaries). How else, in a world of Lady Gaga, One Direction, Taylor Swift and such, could Bon Jovi remain as the number 1 music tour, year after year? Genuine Relevancy! To me, that is an integral ingredient that so many of today’s mega music magnates are essentially missing. Bon Jovi is not merely a staple in music history, but also an exemplary model of music men gone good; they call themselves the Brotherhood!

New Era: “Jon Bon Jovi ushering in a new era by going on record stating such is marvelously brilliant! It isn’t negative, it isn’t personal (towards Richie Sambora), it is the next emotionally positive and logical progression, while giving due credence to previous era by explaining the close of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. It is my opinion that Jon Bon Jovi truly loves and cares for Richie Sambora, and that Richie Sambora truly loves and cares for Jon Bon Jovi. I believe there does exist mutual respect and I believe each artist will flourish. Fans will agree, fans will disagree, but I do believe fans will have the pleasure of enjoying the musical marvels of both Jon and Richie individually for years to come. And if the future holds a reunion of sorts for the two of them, I will welcome such. However if it is not be, I’m okay with that too. I don’t scare off easy at all, and I surely ‘Don’t Run’ either!”

(Fan comments and opinions are not necessarily affiliated with or shared by The Music Diaries.)


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